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Acamar Films is an independent film and television production company based in Camden, London, founded in 2005 to create premium quality film and television projects. Its CEO, and Bing’s producer, Mikael Shields has over 30 years experience and an international reputation for identifying, developing and producing a wide range of hit film and television projects.


Words from our partners...

“Everyone at Egmont absolutely loves working with Acamar. The team’s creativity, enthusiasm and passion for all things Bing is infectious! So far, we have published four successful one-shots which have been enthusiastically received by grown-ups and their Bingsters. We’re confident the same will be true for our 4-weekly Bing magazine which launches later this year. We hope this is the beginning of a long and collaborative relationship between Egmont and Acamar”.

Anna Reyburn, Publisher, Egmont UK

“Bing wonderfully celebrates the mishaps and microdramas that all toddlers and their families go through, so we knew he would be a hit! We’re very proud to publish the official Bing books and show Bingsters everywhere that ‘reading – it’s a Bing Thing!”

Alison Ruane, Associate Publisher, HarperCollins

“Acamar’s passion and dedication to bringing Bing to life as an authentic toddler has allowed us to partner to create a Bing toy line that truly captures the brand’s unique celebration of the messy energy, joyful surprises, and miniature wonders of everyday preschool life. We hope children will enjoy playtime with these toys for years to come!”

Susie Lecker, EVP & Chief Brand Officer, Fisher Price

“He’s just adorable and the voice is perfect. Hero loves picking him up and hugging him, giving him love – and the sight of him being pulled along by his ear is almost too cute to bear… Without a doubt. It’s a fantastic quality toy.”


“Both as an independent advisor to Acamar and alongside my colleagues in Fuse London Ltd (Toy and IP Creators/Inventors), I have had the pleasure of working with the Acamar team throughout the development of Bing. The dedication, focus and enthusiasm of everyone at Acamar, at every level within the company, is one of the key reasons that Bing has got off to such a great start and is already well loved by children and adults alike. I look forward to continuing to work with the team, as Bing is rolled out globally over the next 2 years.”

David Edey, Brand Advisor

“We’re delighted to be working on Bing, supported by Acamar Films. Bing and his friends are such fun characters, and children instantly relate and warm to them. Our jigsaw puzzle range has been very well received by consumers and retailers alike. We’re working on a range of new exciting jigsaw puzzle designs and look forward to launching these for sale later this year”

Benn Bramwell, Marketing & NPD Manager, Ravensburger Ltd

“I love the energy of young people, as well as the entirety of the team involved, who are very true and imaginative and kind, so working on Bing has been a wonderful experience. Voicing Flop gave me a second chance to be a good parent.”

Mark Rylance, Actor and voice of Flop

“The stories reflect the real lives of our very youngest audience members and their parents and caregivers – it is animated reality TV for toddlers, but done with such care, authenticity, warmth and charm – it is simply captivating.”

Kay Benbow, Controller of CBeebies

“They say it takes a village to raise a child, and ain’t that the truth when talking about Bing. It took the talents and commitment of hundreds of people to bring Bing to TV screens. The collaboration between Acamar Films, Brown Bag Films, Tandem Films and Digitales involved huge levels of care and consideration, making sure every design, every pose, every moment supported the main aim of bringing Bing to TV; to create a show which truthfully celebrated the lovely, messy joy of toddler life. Bringing Bing, Flop, and their world to animation has been a great privilege. Ted’s original books convey the joyous mess and exuberance of life with a toddler in such a fresh and honest way; our whole team were really committed to doing our very best to bring Bing to life in a way that would speak to our audience of young children, and the adults who care for them, in as honest and loving a way as the books do.”

Nicky Phelan, Animation Direction, Brown Bag Films

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Golden Bear set to premiere new additions to its hugely successful Bing range at London Toy Fair 2020

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Bing and Flop are having a great time at The @ToyFairUK, London 2020 today, along with our licensees… t.co/1umis8E9o7

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We're so excited to be showcasing some new Bing toys at the London #ToyFair 2020. @GoldenBearToys @toyfairukt.co/CE0wapsUT9

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After a successful and busy 2019, we're delighted to welcome new senior members to Team Bing! @bingbunnyt.co/WNIxW3KgSX


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