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Creative Design Manager – Full time, London-based

Acamar Films is an award-winning independent studio with a global production, distribution and licensing business, as well as a fast-developing digital broadcasting capability, headquartered in Camden, London. As part of our day-to-day activities, we have an on-going demand for design work. To accommodate this, we’ve established a small, in-house design team. This vacancy requires a highly organised, proactive and creative person with excellent design skills who also has the ability to effectively manage and control an in-house design schedule as part of their duties.

The role has two primary responsibilities. As part of the team, you will be working as a graphic designer offering a full range of creative capabilities to our business. In tandem, you will also manage day-to-day oversight of the schedule which forms the pipeline between the design team and the various users within the company.  You will be reporting to the Head of Design.

Creatively, duties include the generation of a wide range of marketing materials, social media and consumer PR materials, conceptual visualisation and large format work. You will also be engaged in the creation and editing of assets for a variety of end-user demands both internally and externally. As part of this process you will be involved in a regular creative discussion group where your opinion will be sought in relation to a range of on-going projects.

From the management side, you will oversee and take responsibility for the running of the design schedule. This is used to manage the workflow of projects through our design department. You will be required to review/update this schedule on a daily basis and make the necessary adjustments as and when work is initiated or completed. As part of this process, you will liaise with team members (who book jobs via email briefs), keeping them up-to-date with progress, estimated delivery times – and flagging any potential basic issues which their briefs might contain.




Please send applications to Any applications received via any other email address will not be considered.


Why Work For Us?

Kaye Allen

Production Coordinator

“As someone who previously worked in live film, Acamar has allowed me to discover the unique and very different world of animation – something I admired lifelong from afar! As Acamar is a successful yet small company not only have I been able to exercise my existing skills, but have now also acquired a great number of new ones. Bing is presently being introduced to multiple territories and so this is a very exciting time to be a part of such a friendly and proactive team, all within a homely, bright and pleasant office space in the heart of vibrant Camden.”

Discover more about the joyful, messy reality of pre-school life on the Bing website:

All About Bing
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