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Acamar Films goes wild with Newquay and Paignton Zoo Partnerships

London, 12th December, 2023 – Independent creative studio Acamar Films and Wild Planet Trust have signed a partnership which will see Newquay Zoo and Paignton Zoo feature activities based around the multi-award-winning pre-school animation, Bing. Between 20th January until 3rd of March 2024, families can follow a bespoke activity trail featuring characters from the hit series. On special days within the activation period, Bingsters will also be able to meet Bing and Flop. The partnership will also see visitors to Paignton Zoo able to enjoy a Bing mini show with Bing products available for sale in both locations. 

“Curiosity and exploration along with an understanding of the world and the consequences of our actions are important themes in Bing. This partnership gives us a beautiful way to bring those motifs beyond the screen,” said Kirsty Southgate, Director of Experiential and Promotions, Acamar Films. “Wild Planet Trust recognise the affection that young children have for Bing and I cannot wait for families in the South West to discover more about the natural world with Bing.”

Matt Lewis, Engagement Manager, Wild Planet Trust added: “Bing is a series in which young children observe and learn how they can impact those around them and this focus on connection to each other and the environment aligns strongly with our mission. We know our visitors are going to love meeting Bing and Flop and gaining greater understanding of animal species and the world through the activity trail. ” 

The partnership will be promoted across the Bing Facebook, Instagram and TikTok channels as well as the and the Bing newsletter. Wild Planet Trust will support the partnership across their own social channels. Families will be able to find out more about the partnership as well as timings for the Meet and Greets and mini show by visiting the Bing Bunny website. 


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