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Acamar Films Launch Bing Dental and Bathtime Products With Solent Brands

Solent Launch Bing

Acamar Films are celebrating the retail launch of Bing’s first Health and Beauty products in the UK with new partner Solent Brands.

Hitting retail in October, a Bing toothbrush and toothpaste will launch in B&M and tissue packs will be available in Poundland. These new products launch Bing into the Health and Beauty category for the first time in the UK, building on the property’s successful licensing programme. There are plans for the range to expand in 2022 and beyond. 

Bing celebrates the noisy, joyful, messy reality of pre-school life and authentically mirrors the experiences of little ones, especially as they navigate daily domestic challenges. Oral care and tissues are a natural fit for the property and can aid grown-ups as they guide their Bingsters through the all-important bath and bedtime routines.

Anthony Balkin, Managing Director of Solent Brands, said “Bing is a great addition to the Health and Beauty category in our Solent Brand group. A much-loved gender-neutral license, Bing supports real life learning and skill development and we are excited to encourage this with the launch of our Bing oral care products and tissues. We look forward to extending the range in 2022.”

Louise Simmonds, Head of UK Licensing at Acamar Films, said “It is wonderful to begin this exciting new partnership with Solent Brands and to see Bing launch into a new category in the UK. We hope these fantastic new products will delight Bingsters as they build healthy bedtime routines and equally, support the grown-ups in their lives.”


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