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Bing Bedrooms and New Live Show Open at CBeebies Land, Alton Towers Resort with VIP Launch Event

Alton Towers

London, 23 March 2022: The UK’s biggest theme park, Alton Towers Resort, opened its doors on 19th March for the 2022 season, celebrating new attractions including a Bing live show and Bing themed rooms at the UK’s only CBeebies Land Hotel.

The occasion was marked with a VIP launch event which welcomed celebrity guests and influencers for an overnight stay at the colourful CBeebies Land Hotel and a chance to explore all that the Resort has to offer.

Guests enjoyed a special breakfast at the Hotel’s Windmill Restaurant before attending the grand re-opening of CBeebies Land, complete with its new entrance portal. Families were greeted by some of their favourite CBeebies friends, before a tour of the new attractions and an exciting programme of live entertainment.

Bing and Flop took to the Big Fun Show Time stage for the first live performance of their interactive new show ‘Bing’s Day Out at CBeebies Land.’ Little ones can join Bing and Flop as they get ready to try out the rides and look forward to a fun-packed day ahead.

At the Hotel, the uniquely designed Bing rooms welcomed their first overnight guests. During their stay, families can join Bing and his friends as they are fully immersed in his world. The spectacular main bedroom for grown-ups is set in the iconic park, with an impressive bandstand feature and lovingly crafted details. Bingsters can experience an unforgettable sleepover in Bing’s very own bedroom complete with Owly night light and Hoppity wall decor.

Kirsty Southgate, Director of Experiential and Promotions said, “We are absolutely delighted with the new rooms, they look fantastic with such impressive attention to detail specially designed for toddlers. These are the first themed rooms for Bing, and together with the new live show, create a truly memorable experience. Seeing Bingsters react with such excitement was a real joy.”

A fun day out…it’s a Bing thing!


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