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Bing’s Christmas and Other Stories Set for Widest-Ever Nationwide Cinema Release

London, Friday 24th November, 2023 – Families across Great Britain and Ireland will be able to visit Bing and his friends on the big screen as the seasonal cinema presentation, Bing’s Christmas and Other Stories appears in 119 cinemas, the largest distribution of the special episode compilation, featuring bespoke additional content, since its premiere in 2019.  Acamar Films, the independent producer and distributor of Bing partners with Showcase Cinemas, The Light and Vue Entertainment to bring the 59 minute cinema package to Bingsters and their families from  today, Friday 24th November, 2023. 

“Bing’s Christmas and Other Stories is becoming something of a Christmas tradition which is wonderful to see,” said Katie Rollings, Chief Licensing Officer, Acamar Films. “Bing’s Christmas and Other Stories is a delightful presentation, perfect for a toddler’s first trip to the cinema with stories that provide opportunities for young children and their parents to explore the heightened emotions which can come at Christmas: the frustrations and disappointments as well as the joy, excitement, discovery and love of the season.”

Bing’s Christmas and Other Stories is a seasonal compilation which includes the extended Bing Christmas special, ‘It’s Christmas’ plus the episodes ‘Leaf Pictures’, ‘Face Paint’ and ‘Puppet Show.’ In between the episodes, families are encouraged to point and shout at the screen to interact with specially-created games such as a matching game and on-screen jigsaw puzzle, all introduced by Bing character, Pico the Post Mouse. The screenings will be supported across the social channels of Acamar Films as well as through the cinema partners’ own marketing channels. 

Acamar Films has produced four special cinema packages since the series first premiered on CBeebies in 2014: Bing at the Cinema,  Bing and His Friends at the Cinema  and Bing’s Animal Stories. The cinema presentations, each featuring favourite episodes as well as new content, have entertained audiences in the UK, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland. 


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